A Li-ion system that powers the entire home all contained in a steel enclosure.


The OffGen Solar Resilience Solution powered by Aceleron is an all in one product that is designed to be an independent, integrated solar storage solution for residential or commercial use.

The OffGen system is designed for customers who:

1. Want to be independent of the utility,
2. Want to have electricity during power outages,
3. Needs energy resilience during hurricane season
4. Want to offset the cost of the electricity bill by having the utility as a backup while supplying the home most of the time using the system and leaving the occasional heavy loads to the utility.

How it works?

Solar Panels are installed on the roof of the building, these recharge the batteries during the day. The large battery then powers the house day and night, via power management system inside the unit.

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Look Who's Energy Independent

St. Philip resident Carl Cadogan, has recently moved into his own home. He and his new wife have started their new life “off grid”. Carl says they are pleased with the decision to go “green” and to become self sufficient

Our entire home is powered by the off grid system and everything works well. When we had the bad weather recently, we had no problems. Innogen’s service has been very good and we were able to include our system in the design of the house.
Carl Cadogan

Free Site Visit & Consultation

The OffGen Resilience Storage System comes at the affordable price of $22,000.00 for the full system fully installed with 6 PV panels. Schedule your site visit and consultation with us today.

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