Innogen Technologies, headquartered in Barbados, is a brand leader in alternative energy solutions, offering services primarily to the Caribbean region. The company is now responsible for the installation of 60% of all grid-tied solar systems in Barbados. Innogen is 100% Caribbean owned and operated and was founded on the pillars of social responsibility, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Its primary mission is to assist both the average household and small and large businesses in minimizing their carbon footprint; reducing operation/ living expenses and contributing to saving foreign exchange at a macro level.

Innogen is also committed to offering high quality customer service. The company works with international partners to ensure their clients have access to the most up-to-date; safe and secure innovations on the market. the company has also been the leader in Public Education as is related to the use of solar and other alternative energy sources in Barbados.


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Customer and installer safety is our number one objective at Innogen. From electrical quality, to superior roofing standards, our company works to ensure that the leading heath and safety standards and certified quality equipment measures are upheld.



Our strategy is the back bone of our customer experience; rapid deployment, accurate technical assessments and fostering healthy practices of energy efficiency are just a few of the practices that define our strategy.



Sound engineering underscores Innogen’s products and service. We are committed to technical excellence.



We have remained focused on the environmental benefits – the well-being of small, tropical islands like ours. We believe that, along with the economic benefit, Innogen is providing a sound environmental benefit for our customers.

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“I am very happy with my off grid system. It’s great in the case of hurricanes or emergencies. It takes care of my air conditioning, exercise equipment and lighting and there’s no mothly bill. I find it more affordable.

The Innogen experience was fantastic. I have no complaints “

St. Michael Resident, Dr. Victor Eastmond

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From savings, no electricity bill and income generation to resilience, freedom from utility and total energy independence. At Innogen we have systems that can be tailored to suit any need.

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